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Dont Bottle It Up

Matthew 26:38, “and He said to them, “I am so sad that I feel as if I am dying. Stay here and keep awake with Me.” (CEV)

One thing for sure, I grew up with a very “man’s man” type of father. My dad was a Nigerian, Abiribarian Prince and Businessman. Always covered from head to toe in splendour! He loved to hang out with his boys, he loved westerns, boxing, football and baseball. And his absolute first love was history, reading, farming and fishing! He would have about 8hours sleep (which is where I get my bad habit of sleeping enough from lol), and he would make a cup of water..yea water (– don’t ask), Dad had a pretty nice machete too, and would kill anything that moved in the trees! In other words, he was indeed the epitome of a “man’s man

However, in all his years, I only remember seeing my dad cry once. And that was during my ordination and licensing as a Christian minister. It is the only time I can recall seeing my dad cry. And even though he was a “man’s man”, looking back now…