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The Refiner's House International

The Refiner's House International is a place without walls or boundaries, where people who have grown tired of the conventional church and religion seek an environment of freedom to worship God without the perception of being confined by conventional church, religion or age restrictions.

It’s a gathering of diverse minds, backgrounds and opinions but with one thing in common, a thirst and hunger for the truth of God's word and a desire for a closer walk with the Father.

At TRHIC, we build up the new generation and guide them through real life issues that we face and how to stay focused on God even when the world seems to be closing in on you. Making them classics. The very best of their kind.

It’s a new experience in God. It’s a place of teaching, learning, healing, discovery and if you let it, it’s a place of new beginnings. So if you need to break away to be more intense with God, TRHIC is just the place for you.

We are a cosmopolitan community comprising urban professionals and non professionals, families, singles, students and everyone in between. We believe in the mandate given by God to dominate, subdue and replenish the earth while we await the end of this age.

The Refiner's House is raising men and women of Class in prowess, disposition and divine presence.