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3 Common Mistakes Upcoming Artistes Make Online

Dear Up and coming artiste,

I know you are desparate to blow and be successful but here a 3 common mistakes you make in promoting yourself/music on facebook which is doing more harm than good and are sure ways to make someone lose interest in your music instantly.

1. Tagging someone on your song when they are just on your facebook friendlist and you have no personal relationship with them or barely speak with them.

---- THIS IS CALLED SPAMMING. If you dont know what that word is , the word spam means "irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc."

Everybody hates spam messages or stupid tags. Do not tag someone you dont know, barely speak to or have no personal relationship with. The better way to do this is, Send an inbox message to people on your friendlist, start a conversation and tell them that you just dropped a new single, can they please take out time, check it out and give you feedback on what they think. After doing this, Then you can tag them. Trust me, they will not only listen to the song but they might even take out time and reshare it out of respect.

2. Posting your song download links in every random facebook status of your friends that you see and photos that have absolutely nothing to do with your song.

--- Once again, this is another form of SPAMMING. Take it from me, NOBODY LISTENS TO ANY SONG POSTED LIKE THAT. The Human brain rejects desperation. So when people sense desparation in you, they will naturally not want to give you that thing you are desparate for. So if you really want to advertise, stop posting songs on peoples statuses and photos randomly. You might think that you are hustling and that you are busy but you are actually busy doing nothing.

The better way to do this is to post your songs on your own facebook status. Everybody on your friend list will see it on their news feed whether they like it or not. You can post it as many times as you like and it will keep popping up on their face until they might be tempted to click and listen. That way, you are simply using your profile to advertise and anyone that doesnt like it can simply unfriend you.

3. Thinking that every blogger that demands payment for services or refuses to post your song is a hater or doesnt want to support your hustle.

---  Look young man or young woman, I personally am an Internet guru and an authority when it comes to Internet promotion. I can blog, publicize , design, infact I am a one man army when it comes to public relations but trust me when I say, when it comes down to my career as an artist or my music, I CANNOT DO EVERYTHING ALL BY MYSELF. Bloggers can testify that even though we have a relationship, I still support his ministry before he handles the publicity of every song I release. I do that because "em ministry need enter permanent site abi una no wan make bloggers chop ?" ( In my nigerian accent ). A blogger buys a laptop or a phone, spends hours generating traffic online,pays for internet time, yet you expect them to do all these for you at no cost. HABA !!!!! my guy ....nakwa e checki !!

You can never make it in the music industry when you want everything free. Entertainment is a business, you invest money, you get money. If you dont wanna invest money, get ready to be broke in the business and underground for the rest of your life. NO BE CURSE ! NA FACT.

I must stress however that there are things you can do by yourself if you dont have money to pay for it.

  • Learn how to design graphics, 
  • Learn how to handle SEO's, 
  • Register on reputable music websites
  • Create your band profiles there and upload your songs by yourself. 
  • Make friends with bloggers, Public Relation Officers, Djs. I have been blessed with many DJ friends.
  • Develop a relationship with copywriters who can help you in writing your artist bio "PROFESSIONALLY"
Some of this websites you can register on are
- Soundcloud
- Reverbnation
- Audiomack
- Hulkshare
- myNotjustok ( If you are targetting the Nigerian and african market )
- youtube ( Yes I said Youtube because most of you dont value youtube but trust me when I say it is one of the fastest way to be discovered on the internet )

Alright. I will stop here today and until I come your way next time. Keep doing what you are doing and I wish you uncommon grace for success.

Jay Ikwan

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