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New Music : Jay Ikwan - The Awakening

After a 5 year hiatus, JAY IKWAN is back as the Lion Of The South, with; "THE AWAKENING". Drifting smoothly between genres, this EP drifts from a confident afrohiphop tune to gospel, experimenting with UK afro-swing, dancehall, highlife, & rhythm & blues.
Ladies & Gentlemen, He's back ! Visit πŸ‘‰ to get it. Available on itunes, spotify, google music and all digital platforms.

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New Music : Jay Ikwan - Fire ( Audio & Lyric Video )

Check out this Brand New Banger and Infectious Tune ! FIRE off the EP "The Awakening". This is the official second single ad as the title of the song rightfully says "We bout to Light This Place On Fire".

TapπŸ‘‰ NOTJUSTOK to download or click Listen In Browser on the player below. Lyric Video Below.

New Music: Jay Ikwan - Money For My Bank

Drawing inspiration from my local underground music scene in Southampton/ London and also my Nigerian heritage, am back as the LION OF THE SOUTH with this brand new single “MONEY FOR MY BANK” off the forthcoming EP “The Awakening” dropping on the 22nd of December 2017.

The song is dedicated to everyone working hard to make it in life ! One day you too will count in Billions. Abi you no want money for your bank ? 😎

Tap πŸ‘‰ NOTJUSTOK to download or click "Listen in Browser" on the player below.

Combating Spiritual Sabotage Final / Sanballat

The Spirit of Error comes to displace and move you out of your God-given landmark. Join Jay Ikwan as he deals with the topic "COMBATING SPIRITUAL SABOTAGE" .

Untangling Damaging Soul-Ties [ The Classic Life With Jay Ikwan ]

To Fight Or Not ? SPIRITUAL WARFARE [ The Classic Life With Jay Ikwan ]

How do you respond to sudden attacks to your vision, ministry, business etc ? The instinctive physiological response to a threatening situation is either FIGHT or FLIGHT, this is what readies one either to resist danger, opposition forcibly or to run away.

Sometimes doing neither of these is the solution you need, Why ? Listen to this teaching and be blessed. 
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Stop Masquerading Your Mistakes [The Classic Life With Jay Ikwan]

Feeling guilt and shame ? Why ? You made a mistake, yes but the question is what have you done with the mistake ?
Watch this video ! Its for you. For Prayers, Counselling, Need someone to talk to ? We are always here for you ! ✌